Bohemian Bisoux Vintage

My name is Lauren, & I am the proprietress of Bohemian Bisoux Vintage.  

I am an old soul with a new heart. I have a love for macarons, bonfires, kisses & party dresses. I believe in foxes, Louis Armstrong, drinking champagne & 11:11 wishes. I adore autumn, red lipstick, bikes with baskets & a well worn-in pair of Frye boots. I get a rush from hunting down pretty vintage pieces hiding in dusty attics & steamer trunks.

One chilly January, looking back fondly to my childhood of antique hunting with my family, I set out to explore the Midwest in hopes of finding lace party dresses, worn-in riding boots & high waist denim. My desire to stock a wardrobe that would suit my curvy adult figure & satisfy my adoration of all things old turned into a full-time quest when I realized I couldn't leave behind the garments that weren't in my size.
They were just too marvelous! I couldn't say no!

So it began.

From a love of things past, coupled with a budding marketing degree, I decided to bring a bit of my passion to the world by starting up a vintage shop on Etsy. "Bohemian Bisoux Vintage" was coined with a Parisian aesthetic in mind- macarons by the dozen, effortless hair, 50's tulle for daywear, & loads of "bisoux" at the end of love letters (bisoux is the sweet French equivalent of xoxo's).
In my mind, the girl who wears vintage most certainly has a "je ne sais quoi"

I spend my days vintage hunting, mending, steaming, photographing, shipping & making googly eyes at the garment racks.

I believe that getting dressed should be one of the highlights of your day. I want each & every one of my customers to feel a rush when they peek into their closets & see that 40's rayon gown or little 60's mini hanging up.

It absolutely, truly makes my ♥ swell to match customers up with the vintage of their dreams!